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It's been 18 years since the word 'Define' was conceptualized by minds of the founders. Throughout the journey of ensuring a professional event consultation organization is formed, the founders organized numerous events as the preferred event support specialist.

5 years later, with the proper required academic accreditation, the founder formed the first Define Company. Striving to achieve the highest standards in delivering events, Define begun to set a high standard in its respective industry. With many international recognized events management services organized and managed within Malaysia and Asia, Define was accredited with international status in the year 2008. Proudly, the first certified event management company with international accreditation.

Moving forward with this unique acknowledgement, Define has been appointed to conceptualize, organize, manage and conduct many renown events locally and internationally.

Redefining the standards of delivery
In its unique style and mechanics of delivering above expectation, Define has set its own standard of delivering the ultimate support in events. The Define team would first work as your consultants, providing you with the best concepts and methods to consider that could save cost and reach the highest limits of delivering success. Second, we would now work as your event manager. All approved and conceptualized mechanics would be implemented and organized by the Define team. In a nut shell, we would ensure all that's required to be implemented and organized is done to perfection.
Redefining Trust
To stand out amongst the best, one has to be uniquely different and trustworthy. We are proud to deliver these values that are crucial to safeguard relationships with our clients. How? By simply making their events our events. Going the extra mile is an understatement here. We strive to go further, delivering the best we can by managing all the variables that exist before us to perfection.
Redefining Expectations
'If it needs to be done, It has to be done', the Define Teams daily mantra. Managing expectations and laying the pathway to achieve it lies on the measures taken to look into every single detail of an event before us. Thus, if we need to go out of the norm, think out of the box or even get ourselves dirty, we must, if success is to be guaranteed. This is Define's principals of work.
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