Define International Academy Sdn. Bhd.

Define-International-Academy-LogoOur passion to nurture and train young talents for the events and communication industry has taken a first bold step with the formation of this new arm. With the intention and mission to provide internationally recognized courses and field of studies, Define International Academy has undergone a strict regulation and delivery guideline procedure which was audited by Edxecel, UK’s largest academic accreditation body. We are proud to announce that Define International Academy has not only succeeded in the auditing process by Edxecel to become a recognised institution, but we have become Malaysia first Assured Certification Centre.

Together with Pearson, the managing organization of Edexcel & leading universities in the event management field, Define International Academy seeks to launch a revolutionary event management course in 2015 that would provide new learners an opportunity to not only learn the theories of event management, but also the practical experience of it.

Define Live

Define LiveWhat started off as a passion for our Principal Consultant, Mr. Andrew Anthony, has grown to become another business and creative arm under the Define banner. The passion was to seek  more talents for the event management industry and to ensure its managed and delivered professionally. Faced nowadays with a serious lack of talents available to the industry, where clients in Malaysia has almost seen it all, Define Live was formed with the intention to become a platform to many young talents to maximise their potential and to guide them well to deliver professionally.

Define Live was also formed to provide live public shows as a avenue to create more platforms for talents to showcase their talents together with seasoned and well recognised talents. Soon after its formation, Define Live has been recognized by Myceb, the international and local events arm under Tourism Malaysia, as an industry professional and fellow supporter. Moving forward, Define Live seeks to bring in more international talents and showcase in Malaysia to further provide more platforms to aspiring new talents in our country.

Define International Sdn. Bhd., Moving Forward !

Define International LogoAs of 2014, Define International has expanded its operations to Singapore with the formation of Define International Pte Ltd. Define International Singapore was formed to provide better closeness to clients and business partners there and as a bridge towards providing a complete turnkey solution to activations and events across Asia.  We are extremely confident that sooner than later, Define International Singapore would become an entity as strong as our headquarters in K.L. and would become a recognized name in the events and activation industry in Singapore and Asia.

Define International Sdn. Bhd. has achieved above expectations in the recent years with its ISO status, awards received and winning milestone projects and clients. As a team that has always moved forward and stayed ahead of time, we intend to take our achievements and build from it. We are now more driven to achieve more award winning concepts and to ultimately provide above expectation results for our clients and business partners.  With more partnerships expected over years, we believe Define would become a top of the mind recall whenever an organization requires a total and complete solution to any branding, activation and events, not only in Malaysia but across the Globe!